Hooptie evaluation–which car do I use for the Rust Belt Ramble?

I have 2½ weeks to get a car ready for the Rust Belt Ramble.

I am taking a look at the older CR-V, as it is in decrepit enough condition to do a full-on theme and be enough of a hooptie to fit in. The alternator is frozen up, and the steering fluid leaked out, the source of which I have not yet found.  No luck getting the alternator out yet–the top bolt won’t come out (it’s rotating in the bracket) and the bottom through-bolt also isn’t moving.  I also got the rear wheels unstuck–some rust has fallen off of the rear drums.  It looks as though I could probably still use the old drums, but the right rear brake shoes are worn out.  I have another pair buried in the garage but it would take days to find them; new shoes are cheap.

I would have to do the timing belt and tensioner. Plus, I don’t know if the smoke from the tailpipe means the rings are fouled, or if they just need to run a while so they reseat.

A new windshield would be a good idea.

Some metal patches for rust would also be a good idea, especially around the battery box, and underneath along the right side.  For all I know, this thing could go “crunch” and just fold itself in the middle.

Maybe I’ll work on the Civic instead…

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