Winters are slow. How about a road trip?

Once the weather turns in our part of the country, all work on cars shuts down, at least at The Hooptie Garage.  There’s no actual “garage,” beyond that small 1-1/2 car structure in my backyard that has more to do with storage for everything outdoors (bikes, lawn equipment, etc.) along with automotive tools and other stuff.  And with the home situation still uncertain, some of the stuff is still in boxes–no sense in organizing everything if we have to relocate.

If we stay, I will probably get a shed to move much of the clutter into its own space, and make room enough to park a car in there, and organize the tools and car parts.  But until then, the only workspace is the driveway.  No way I’m working out there when it’s cold and gloomy.

So…a road trip in late Feb. and early March? Sure.  I did have a few things to prep.  I ordered in some Weathertech rubber mats so I didn’t trash the new floor mats it took me months to get from the dealer. I did a shameful ceramic coating out in the cold–it’s not perfect, but I need to do a yearly buff-out anyway and at least the coating will help get all the road crud off more easily.  I also got a Viair tire inflator and a set of tire deflators (for when I air down on the unpaved roads).

My police countermeasures now include a tablet running the Highway Radar app, which connects via Bluetooth to the Radenso DS1.  It’s been interesting to observe in action, especially when I drove past the Air Force Academy and it showed two USAF Cessnas circling the area I was driving through (complete with tail numbers).

And yeah, about that road trip.  I’ve already dined in Lincoln, Nebraska. Spent an afternoon and evening in Manitou Springs. And today, visited this “thing” that…well, no sense in spoiling the fun.  I’ll be adding another series to the site here with this road trip.  Destination is Santa Fe for about a week, then a return trip home.

So this is the first time I’ve visited one of my two favorite states (Colorado) in the winter.  Seeing the different scenery has been a treat.  And other than a few flakes yesterday on my way around Denver, it’s been clear and sunny, with the snow primarily up in the mountains.

It’s difficult to try to blog on the road, as inserting images into these posts is tedious when I’m not at my work computer.  I’ll be adding road trip pages soon, and also have an entire Lemons Rally that has been on the back burner since November that I need to put into words. Ol’ memory ain’t what it used to be.

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