Lemons Rally, February 2022 update

I’m convincing myself to get into the Rocky Mountain Breakdown (Lemons) Rally. My big question remains–will I have sufficiently non-cold, non-wet weather to get those piston rings replaced and cylinders honed? At the worst, the Japanese soul-sucking appliance might have to sit at home while I take my daily driver CR-V instead. Rocky Mountain Breakdown… Continue reading Lemons Rally, February 2022 update

2022 Civic unveiled.

The new 2022 Civic was just unveiled this past week, with the sedan going on sale within the next couple of months.  The hatchback version, the Si and Type R models will come next year, presumably. I think the interior is the most striking change in the new model. Honda’s latest design trend is towards… Continue reading 2022 Civic unveiled.

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