No Fall Fail-iage Tour this year

While I had considered doing both of the last two Lemons Rallies of the year, I decided to wait on the Fall Fail-iage Tour. This rally has happened in previous years, and most likely will be repeated next year or the year after.

The Great River Road Rally is still on my radar, about 80% sure I’ll be going.  I’ll be checking the weather, though–if the forecast looks grim a week beforehand (the deadline to enter), I’ll cancel the hotel reservations and skip the registration.

Regardless of weather, though, any Route 66 or Rocky Mountain Breakdown rally is a must-do.  I’m anxious to see what they have planned next year.

In a week and a half is the Classic Hondas on the Dragon in North Carolina and Tennessee, but aside from hanging with like-minded Honda/Acura owners, I’m not really fond of driving the Tail of the Dragon.  Most drivers are good, but there will always be a few idiots who ruin it for everyone.  But it’s a possible event that would only take up a long weekend, and be less mentally taxing than a rally.