The Civic is grounded for the Lemons Rally

Bad Civic did not cooperate, so Civic stays home from the rally.

Yep. There it sits, looking forlorn and somewhat disassembled.


One of the holes in the block has stripped threads.  I was starting to get all the bolts in place.  Got to this last one, and about halfway down it started encountering a little resistance.

The options are either a Time-Sert, or a Heli-Coil.  The latter isn’t as good, but some have had luck using it, when it’s done properly (which is key).  The Time-Sert is far better, but a specific kit for cylinder head threads is $500+.  Nope, I could buy a used D17A1 or D17A2 engine for that much.

I am also wondering if the cylinder head rebuilders really replaced those valve stem seals, and with quality parts.  That makes me want to possibly replace them since I don’t yet have the head attached (and it’s a lot easier with the head off the block).

And I found this all out the Tuesday before the rally, the day I needed the car up and running.  I had to take it on a lengthy test run to be sure everything was back together and not leaking, and also replace the front left ball joint (for the second time in ten months).

So, El Borrego will be doing the Rust Belt Ramble.  Not my choice, but it’s either that or lose the entry fee.