Dang it! Can’t we get quality parts anymore??

Quick update this morning–I heard a light clanking from the front of the Civic and earlier this week, I put it on stands to try to track it down. There is still a loud overall clunking, but this was slightly different.

Found the culprit. The left lower ball joint is loose.  I compared it to the right hand ball joint and I can feel movement on the left side.

More importantly?  I changed out the front suspension late last summer.  So, eight months later and the Moog ball joint has failed.

Dang it.

One stray thought is that last winter’s potholes might have contributed to it. Yet the tire that went flat from a pothole was the right front.  Still…the 17 year old ball joints I replaced never had that issue.

I have a Mevotech on the way.

And I’m starting to think the remaining noise is either from the struts or the steering rack.  I want to find the culprit.  Spoiler alert: This will probably be the Rust Belt Ramble rally car, due to the gas mileage.