Lemons Rally, February 2022 update

I’m convincing myself to get into the Rocky Mountain Breakdown (Lemons) Rally. My big question remains–will I have sufficiently non-cold, non-wet weather to get those piston rings replaced and cylinders honed?

At the worst, the Japanese soul-sucking appliance might have to sit at home while I take my daily driver CR-V instead.

Rocky Mountain Breakdown looks to be a solo excursion.  Which is kinda nice, since I tend to run myself to the limits when I’m on a solo trip–I can get up and on the road quickly in the morning (eschewing, vs. chewing, the usual hotel waffles so I avoid the carbs and unintended napping while on the road), stop whenever/wherever I want unless my bladder directs me otherwise, and spend evenings checking out the environs.

I may have the younger kiddo unit with me for Rust Belt Ramble. She might have enough time available to take off from work and act as navigator.

I haven’t done a road trip since 2019, and even then, I was shorted one of my two road trips due to surgery in the family.  I don’t even know if I remember how to pack a suitcase…